Manuscripts Under Review 

  • Melumad, Shiri and Robert J. Meyer, "How Listening versus Reading Alters Consumers' Interpretations of News," under 4th-round review at Journal of Marketing Research.
  • Xue, Jiani and Shiri Melumad, “The Psychology of Consumer Photography: How Consumers Generate Images for Positive versus Negative Reviews,” invited for 2nd-round review at Journal of Marketing Research. (  = Doctoral student co-author)
  • Melumad, Shiri, Maximilian Gaerth, and Robert J. Meyer, "The Effect of Voice Technology on Revealed Preference," invited for 2nd-round review at Journal of Consumer Psychology.
  • Melumad, Shiri* and Ashley E. Martin*, "The Ideological Paradox of Technologism," under review at Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. (* = Equal contribution)
  • Yun, Jin Ho, Shiri Melumad, Feng Sheng, and Michael Platt, "Neural Brand Homophily: The Case of Apple versus Samsung," under review at Journal of Marketing Research.