Publications and Manuscripts Under Review

  • Faraji-Rad, Ali, Shiri Melumad and Gita V. Johar (2017), “Consumer Desire for Control as a Barrier to New Product Adoption,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 27 (3), 347-354. (Funded by a grant from the Institute on Asian Consumer Insight, Singapore)
  • Melumad, Shiri, J. Jeffrey Inman and Michel Tuan Pham, “Emotional Gist: How Smartphone Use Changes User-Generated Content,” under third-round review at Journal of Marketing Research.
  • Avnet, Tamar, Shiri Melumad and Anne-Laure Sellier, “Are You Sure We Shared the Same Room? The Effect of Clock vs. Event Scheduling on Online Review Generation and Consumption,” under second-round review at Journal of the Association for Consumer Research.
  • Melumad, Shiri, Daniel He and Michel Tuan Pham, “The Pleasure of Liking (and Disliking),” invited for resubmission at Journal of Consumer Research.
  • Berman, Ron, Shiri Melumad, Colman Humphrey and Robert J. Meyer, “When Form Trumps Substance: A Dynamic Analysis of Twitter During the 2016 Primary Debates,” invited for resubmission at Journal of Marketing Research.
  • Melumad, Shiri and Michel Tuan Pham, “Understanding the Psychology of Smartphone Usage: The Adult Pacifier Hypothesis,” invited for resubmission at Journal of Consumer Research. (Funded by a grant from the Jerome A. Chazen Institute for Global Business)

Selected Research in Progress

  • “The Telephone Game: The Distillation and Distortion of Propagated Information,” with Robert J. Meyer, Ani Nenkova and Yoonduk Kim
  • “Mobile Mindset: Self-Awareness and Decision-Making on Smartphones,” with Robert J. Meyer
  • “Physiological Responses to Smartphone Ownership,” with Michael Platt, Arjun Ramakrishnan and Feng Sheng
  • “How Emotions are Experienced Across Devices,” with Maurice Schweitzer